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From Alien To The Matrix - Reading Science Fiction Film

Originally, what I wanted to do as a follow up to the first edition of Reading the Vampire Slayer was a book of interviews with the writers. Bits of that project found their way into the second edition I ended up doing, but Joss Whedon really does not want to talk to me, for whatever reason, so that was shot.

My editor asked for a book on sf film, and I said, yes, as long as it can be individual essays rather than a history, because there are lots of histories. FAttM became a bit more than a book of essays, mostly at the last moment when I sat down and thought about what I had done and gave it a theoretical underpinning.


From Alien To The Matrix Cover Image
Waking into Dream
Competence Cascades, Thick Texts and the Universalization of the Geek Aesthetic
Director as Parodist
Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers
Comedy 1
Galaxy Quest
The Decline and Fall of the Alien Invasion
Comedy 2
Small Soldiers and the Joke of the Robot
Who Are You?
Cognitive Dissonance and Lots of Really Big Guns
The Mirrored Gaze
James Cameron's and Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days
Creation as Product
The Paradox of Franchises
A Franchise Case Study
Alien and its Sequels
Alien Resurrection

Read an excerpt from the first chapter, Waking Into Dream: Competence Cascades, Thick Texts, and the Universalization of the Geek Aesthetic

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